Dal  15 Marzo al  2 Aprile 2014    From March 14 to April 2  2014

HP2/IK5RUN    NA-170 Arcipelago delle SanBlas  NA-202 Colon-Veraguas (LH-HP-2121) op. Danio I5OYY e Simone IK5RUN

HF  6-80 mt  CW-SSB-RTTY  HolidayStyle operation

Saremo ospiti del Catamarano "Cush" e solcheremo il Mar dei Caraibi, attiveremo le due referenze nel tempo disponibile. 

We will be guests of the Catamaran "Cush" and will be sailing the Caribbean Sea, we will activate the two references in the time available.

Log on line :  https://secure.clublog.org/logsearch/HP2/IK5RUN

Qsl policy : Via IK5RUN  with Sae and 3  or via OQRS (preferred)

(do not replay qsl via the bureau , Sorry)

Lotw user , the qso are uploaded on system within 3 month