Another I5JHW' Dx'pedition       

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From 22 to 29 August 2008


Cocos Keeling Island    

Iota OC003







qsl via Home call

Expedition program-Holidays Style

22 agosto volo Perth-Cocos e ritorno il 29 agosto

Attivitą da Cocos 10-12-15-17-20-40 mt RTTY-SSB

Stazione: Icom ic718 + ic706 Ampli Acom 1010 Ant. Verticale Multibanda

 22 Agost  Fly to Cocos Island

 and stay 7 days , Activity from Cocos Island on 10-12-15-17-20-40 RTTY-SSB

Icom ic718 + ic 706 Amplifier Acom 1010 , Ant. Vertical Multiband.